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StringCosmology, Flux Compactification and String Landscape, non-BPS Branedynamics etc.
Academic Activities

Topic:Expansion of EYM Amplitudes in Gauge Invariant Vector Space

Speaker:Dr.Xiaodi Li (Zhejiang University)
When:Oct.27, 16:00, 2020
Where:ICTS 613


Topic:Stochastic background of induced gravitational waves

Speaker:Dr.Shi Pi (Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)
When:July 24, 16:00, 2020
Where:ICTS 613

Topic:High Precision Phenomenology of the Higgs Boson

Speaker:Dr.Xuan Chen (University of Zurich)
When:Jan. 2, 16:00, 2020
Where:ICTS 613

Topic:Advancing Multimessenger Astrophysics with Next-Generation Black Hole and Neutron Star Binary Merger Simulations

Speaker:Prof. Zachariah Etienne (West Virginia University & LIGO collaboration)
When:Jan.2, 10:00, 2020
Where:ICTS 613


Topic:Two-loop NMHV octagons from Qbar equations

Speaker:Dr.Chi Zhang (ITP,CAS)

When:Dec.24, 16:00, 2019
Where:ICTS 613